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Culligan Salt Service

No lugging! No lifting! No sweat!

Ordering Culligan Salt Service never sounded so good!

Culligan salt service delivers only the exact kind of salt your softener needs, not a lower grade variety that might contain sediment or dirt that could clog your softener.
Salt Bags You choose from:
Culligan Extra Coarse Rock Salt Potassium Chloride
Salt Delivery

Your Culligan man brings the salt right to your brine tank refills it for you, and throws away the bags, saving you the trouble of dealing with hefty bags of salt.

With a friendly Culligan man stopping by on a regular basis you know that someone is keeping an eye on your softener and making sure that everything is working properly. Should something go wrong your delivery man will notify you and our service department so we can schedule and appointment and get it fixed!.

So call your Culligan man today to get started on home salt delivery!
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